Seerah 1


Module Information

Name of ClassSeerah 1
Credit Hours3 Hours
Class DescriptionThis course entails a study of the most important events in the life of the Prophet Muhammad between his birth and migration to Madeenah. It explores the challenges he encountered and the manners with which he responded to them.
Instructor NameDr. Daud Abdullah
Required Text– Muhammad Al Ghazali, Fiqh-Us-Seerah Understanding the Life of the Prophet Muhammad,

– Safi-Ur-Rahman al Mubarakpuri, The Sealed Nectar

Supplementary Text– S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, Muhammad The Last Prophet


  • To provide a platform for the students to worship Allah Almighty through the study of Seerah.
  • To enable the student to understand the personality and the character of the noble Prophet Muhammad both as a man and a Prophet.
  • To further appreciate the Prophet as a model and guide.
  • To develop the student’s basic knowledge and understanding of the Qur’aan as it was enacted and practiced by the Prophet.
  • To enable the students to acquire the tools of tarbia (character development) and da’wah (Islamic propagation) as they were taught by the Prophet.
  • To enkindle love for the Prophet in the hearts of students and inspire them to follow his footsteps.

Topics Covered

Pre-Islamic Arabian Society

  • Social Conditions
  • Economic Conditions
  • Religious Conditions

Nature of Final Message

  • Status and Importance of the Sunnah,
  • Prophet Muhammad and his Miracles

Birth and Childhood of the Prophet Muhammad

  • His lineage and family,
  • the splitting of his chest,
  • travels with Abu Talib,
  • Bahira the monk.
  • Early Manhood – the Pact of Excellence,
  • Marriage to Khadija,
  • Rebuilding the Ka’bah

Seeking the Truth

  • In the Mountain,
  • Angel Gabriel brings revelation,
  • Waraqah ibn Naufal,
  • Pause and Resumption of Revelation
  • The Secret Phase of the Mission – The First Muslims,
  • Reaction of the Quraysh

Proclaiming the Call

  • The Persecution Begins,
  • The Quraysh Try to Negotiate with the Prophet

Migration to Abyssinia

  • Reaction of the Quraysh

Hamza and ‘Umar Accept Islam

The General Social Boycott

  • a pact of injustice and aggression,
  • negotiating the end

The Year of Sadness

  • Death of Khadijah and Abu Talib,
  • Calling Beyond Makkah

The Visit to Taif

The Night Journey (Israa’) and Ascent (Mi’raaj),

  • Prayer is legislated,
  • its virtues and importance

Meetings with the Madeenan people

  • the pledges of Aqabah,
  • Musa’ab ibn Umayr the Muslim envoy,
  • the differences between the two towns

The Hijra Begins

  • its meanings and significance

The Hijra of the Prophet

  • Preparation to leave
  • role of ‘Ali,
  • Choice of Abu Bakr as a traveling companion,
  • In the cave on the road
  • Arrival in Madeenah
  • the Status Quo in Madeenah

Founding the New Society

  • The Role of the Mosque
  • Establishing Brotherhood – its nature and importance
  • The Sahifa (Covenant) and status of non-Muslims

The Meaning and Role of Worship

The Prophet Leads by Example – wins hearts and minds