Student scholarships Grants and Fee Reduction Regulations

Article I : Terminologies

A Student Scholarship Grants entails the University or Foreign Body being responsible for all fee related matters during the course of study.
Student Fee Reductions entails fee discounts awarded to an applicant as per governing regulations set by the University.

Article II: General Student Scholarship Grant Regulations

A. A Student Scholarship Grant, by default, spans the period of eight semesters. During this period a student is permitted to defer a semester before the semester starts only once, and is permitted to excuse themselves from completing a semester only once, which entails a total scholarship period of ten semesters . In the event of a student not completing the program within ten semesters; the student will be required to cover the fees and expenses of every semester thereafter until graduation.
B. Student Scholarship Grants are awarded to applicants based on academic excellence, strength of language and testimonials completed by the University’s instructors or other suitable representation
C. An applicant forfeits a scholarship in the event of informal discontinued study during a semester. However, The University’s Council has the authority to award an exception in this case after due diligence being completed with the donor
D. A student not carrying any subjects on from previous semesters must register between 18 – 20 subject hours per semester

Article III: Specific Student Scholarship Grant Regulations

A)    A.For the seriousness and dedication of an applicant to be proven to the University.
B. For an applicant to successfully complete the set scholarship course examinations
C. In the event of a scholarship grant being awarded; an applicant must complete all administrative requirements as per the set Regulations of the University.
D. Admission of an applicant into the University does not, in any way or form, entail an accepted entry into the Student Scholarship Grant program.

Article IV: Specific Regulations related to Third Party Scholarship Grants

A.The University’s General Student Scholarship Grant Regulations, along with the rules set by the donor will apply, on condition of there being no contradictions between the set regulations of the University and the conditions set by the donor.
B. A Third Party Donor may pursue sponsoring a partial scholarship grant on condition of the value of this sponsoring covering at least 50% of the costs and fees of an applicant. In this event; the University will manage the costs and fees of the remaining 50 % accordingly.

Article V: Specific Processes related to Third Party Scholarship Grants

A .The University completes the collection of the details of all scholarship applicants.
B . The student submits all documentation which confirms the applicant’s determination and dedication as a student.
C . The student successfully completes a set scholarship course.
D . The University prepares for all scholarship donors a report of scholarship applicants which includes the student’s name , nationality, country of residence , and secondary education certificate and results. If the applicant is already a student within the University; the applicants most current exam results and performance will be included.
E . A donor reserves the right to request any documentation or testimony proving the determination and dedication of a scholarship applicant .
F . The University submits to all donors periodically academic performance and status reports related to all approved scholarship applicants

Article VI: Student Fee Reductions for  non-scholarship applicants
A student is eligible for all qualifying fee reductions on condition of the sum total of sought reductions not exceeding 75% of the course fees.

Article VII: Fee Reduction Criteria
1 . Memorization of the Holy Qur’an. A student who has memorized the entire Qur’an qualifies for a 50% fee reduction as per the following rules:
A . Presentation of that which proves the applicant to have memorized the entire Qur’an
B. Consideration of all Student Scholarship Grant general regulations with the exception of rule A . and C .
2 . Academic Excellence. A an applicant with recognized diligence in education qualifies for up to 35% in Student Fee Reductions. This qualification applies to every semester during the course of study as per the following regulations:
A . The applicant must have a GPA of at least 4.5 throughout the course of study. In the event of the applicant’s GPA falling below the set threshold;
B . The applicant must have registered a minimum of 13 subject hours in the final semester of study
C . The applicant must only submit a request seeking a fee concession after rule A. and B. are applicable.
D . Student Fee Reductions will come into effect the following semester after an applicant achieves the qualifying GPA
3 . Sibling Related Fee Reductions
These Fee Reductions are administered as follows:
15% Fee Reduction on the first sibling
25 % Fee Reduction on the second sibling
0.50 % Fee Reduction on the third sibling
100 %  Fee Reduction on the fourth sibling
This fee structure will apply in the form of the highest available reduction applying to the first applicant and then to the next sibling applying accordingly as follows:
the first sibling receives 100% fee reduction, the second 50%, the third 25% , and the fourth 15%.
Secondly: In the event of there being three siblings in the program; the first receives a 50% fee reduction , the second 25%, and the third 15%.
Thirdly: In the event of there being two siblings in the program; the first receives a 25% reduction , and the second 15%.
Fourthly: With regards to married couples; the fee reduction will be capped at 25 % for each applicant.
Fifthly: Affiliate based Fee Reductions: Please see the Affiliates Regulations Section.
Sixthly: Fee reductions of 50 % during every semester are applicable to students recommended by third parties that have signed a memorandum with the University.  This offering is subject to conformity to the General Regulations for Student Scholarship Grants at the University, with the exception of clause A and C.