Research Methodology


Module Information

Name of ClassResearch Methology
Credit Hours3 Hours
Class DescriptionThis course is the study of ResearchMethodology. The course introduces thestudent into this science, speaking about its importance and characteristics. The main sections of the course are Critical Thinking, Preparing a Research Argument, Planning, Drafting & Revising Research, Field & Library Research, Islamic Research and Research Ethics.
Instructor NameSh Ahsan Hanif
Required TextRequired Texts:

  • A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, by Wayne C. Booth
  • Research in Islam, Ahmad Von Denffer

Supplementary text: The Craft of Research, Booth, Colomb and Williams




  1. Importance of Research.
  2. To develop in the student a critical thought process.
  3. To enable the student to develop his or her own research skills.
  4. Differentiate between factual information and quasi-factual information.
  5. Enable students to plan, structure and present research, as well as using various methods and tools of research.
  6. Research methodologies – A Muslim academic perspective.
  7. Familiarisation with Muslim academic sources.





  1. Importance of Research
  2. Roles of Writer and Researcher
 B.Critical Thinking
  1. Finding Topics
  2. Topics become Questions
  3. Questions become Problems
  4. Problems and Sources
  5. Utilizing Sources
 C.Preparing a Research Argument
  1. Making Good Arguments
  2. Making Claims
  3. Assembling Reasons and Evidence
  4. Acknowledgments and Responses
 D.Planning, Drafting and Revising
  1. Planning
  2. Drafting the Report
  3. Revising the framework and argument
  4. Visual Communication of Evidence
  5. Introductions and Conclusions
  6. Style Revision
 E.Field Research and Library Research
  1. 1.How to use the library for research
  1. 2.How to conduct field research
 F.Islamic Principles of Research

  1. major Islamic sources in many of the various fields and sciences of Islam
  2. major Islamic sources in many of the various fields and sciences of Islam
  3. transliteration,
  4. differences between Islamic and secular academia
 G.Research Ethics
  1. 1.Plagiarism
  2. 2.Proper referencing
  3. 3.Acknowlegements