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Module Information

Name of ClassMaqaasid
Credit Hours3 Hours
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Topics Covered:


Session 1

Topics Covered:

Introduction to the author

Authors preface

Introduction to Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah

Session 2

Topics Covered:

Importance of knowing the Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah for a jurist

Methods used to establish the Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah

An evaluation of the predecessors’ methods


Session 3

Topics Covered:

Literal methodology and an understanding of the higher objectives

The Prophet’s Intent of Legislation

Session 4

Topics Covered:

Certain and Probable Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah

Rationalised and non-rationalised injunctions

Session 5

Topics Covered:

The determinant characteristic of Maqasid ash Sharee’ah

Grounding of Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah on fitrah

The magnanimity of the Sharee’ah

Session 6

Topics Covered:

The general objectives of Islamic Legislation

Defining the terms Maslahah and Mafsadah

Session 7

Topics Covered:

The pursuit of Masaalih in the Sharee’ah

Categories of Maslaha Intended by Islamic Legislation

Session 8

Topics Covered:

Universality of the Sharee’ah

Equality in the Sharee’ah

Session 9

Topics Covered:

Freedom in the Sharee’ah

Alteration and confirmation objectives in the Sharee’ah

Session 10

Topics Covered:

The Sharee’ah is about essences and real attributes, not names and forms

Analogical Reasoning Based on Effective Causes and Medium and High Sharee’ah Objectives

Manipulation to Make the Unlawful Appear Lawful

Session 11

Topics Covered:

Prohibition of evasive legal means

Precision and determination in Islamic Legislation

Rigor and Mercy in enforcing and observing Islamic Legislation


Session 12

Topics Covered:

Public and Individual License

Waazi: Its Meaning and Varieties

Session 13

Topics Covered:

The Merciful Nature of the Sharee’ah

The Sharee’ah’s aim in avoiding elaboration at the time of revelation


Session 14

Topics Covered:

The Sharee’ah’s aim in building a solid and stable social order

The necessity of Ijtihad

Session 15

Topics Covered:

Ends and means in transactions

Session 16

Topics Covered:

Specification of the principles and categories of rights in the Sharee’ah

Session 17

Topics Covered:

Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah: Family


Session 18

Topics Covered:

Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah: Financial Transactions

Session 19

Topics Covered:

Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah: Labor based transactions

Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah: Gifts and donations

Session 20

Topics Covered:

Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah: Judgement and testimony

Session 21

Topics Covered:

Maqaasid ash Sharee’ah: penalties