Family Therapy


Module Information

Name of ClassFamily Therapy
Credit Hours3 Hours
Class DescriptionThis course offers an overview of spirituality and religion in Muslim family therapy. Participants will consider the role of spirituality and religion in therapy in understanding family dynamics, developing solutions to problems, and building on strengths and resiliency. Participants will also become familiar with the relationship between Islamic law and family life for many Muslims

The course is designed to raise awareness and offer considerations for working with spirituality and religion in therapy and for working with Muslim families

Instructor Name Yasir Farzaga
Required Text Counseling and Psychotherapy with Arabs and Muslims: Marwan Adeeb Dwairy


  1. A)To enable students to help Muslim families working to seek the pleasure of Allaah
  2. B)develop a working knowledge of religion & spirituality in family therapy,
  3. C)assessing and treating Muslims,
  4. D)develop a working knowledge self-of-the-therapist relative to spirituality and religion

Topics Covered

  • Introduction and Organization.
  • Counseling: concept and practice
  • Religion (Islam) and counseling
  • Multicultural Counseling: meaning and competencies.
  • Islam and Muslims: Diversity within Unity
  • History and demography of Muslims in major regions
  • Muslims’ perception of counseling.
  • Good and bad counseling.
  • Identifying issues and recognizing limitations.
  • Study of the Muslim Family:
  • Relating Qur’anic concepts to aspects of Therapy:
  • Emphasis on Individual Behavior and Strengths, Rather than Past History:
  • Emphasis upon Action, Rather than on understanding the Pathology or the Problem:
  • Emphasis on the Individual rather than Gender:
  • A Small Change is all that is Necessary:
  • Change is Constant:
  • Emphasis on Goal Setting:
  • Emphasis on Cultural and Racial Neutrality:
  • Conclusion