Arabic 4


Module Information

Name of ClassArabic 4
Credit Hours3 Hours Class Description<to be given> Instructor NameDr. Mamdouh N. Mohamed Required TextDr. Mandouh N Mohamed, Arabic: A Bridge to Islamic Culture


  • To understand the most important ruling regarding Fasting and Hajj,  such that the student can know what do in any circumstance regarding these two great acts of worship.
  • To be able to answer the questions of Muslims regarding rulings of Fasting and Hajj,, based on the Fiqh rulings that they have studied.
  • To understand the proofs of the ruling mentioned by the author.
  • To be able maximise one’s worship during Ramadan.
  • Appreciating the wisdom behind various permissible and prohibited acts during Fasting and Hajj.

Topics Covered

  • خلق الله
  • المُسْلِمُونَ