Arabic 3


Module Information

Name of ClassArabic 3
Credit Hours3 Hours Class DescriptionThis course develops to some degree acquisition of Arabic vocabulary, learning its grammar rules and using the language in conversation by introducing vocabulary and grammar in small doses based on the most commonly used words in Arabic literature and the most frequently used grammatical constructions. Instructor NameDr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips Required TextBilal Philips, Arabic Grammar Made Easy


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Topics Covered

كان  he \ it was

  • Meaning
  • Perfect tense of كان
  • Subject of كان
  • Plural subject
  • First and second person
  • Predicate of كان
  • Word order
  • Adverbs أسماء الظرف

قال  he said

  • The verb قال
  • The preposition ل
  • Preposition ل
  • Preposition ل
  • The conjunction إن
  • Grammar (القواعد)

الذي) ) who; which; that

  • Meaning.
  • Definite relative clause.
  • Indefinite relative clause.
  • Plurals (1. Sound plurals, broken plurals)
  • Sound Masculine plural
  • Sound Masculine Plural constructions
  • Sound feminine Plurals
  • Broken plurals

a. Af`aal

b. Fi`aal

c. Fu`alaa`u

d. Mafaa`ilu

e. Fu`ul

f. Fu`ool


  • Singular Feminine Adjectives.
  • Plural pronouns
  • Grammar القواعد

رأى   to see to understand

  • Meaning
  • Direct object
  • Plural forms of الذي
  • Feminine plurals
  • Plural forms of كان
  • Grammar القواعد

كل  each or every

  • Meaning
  • Plural forms of قال
  • Grammar ((القواعد

ليس  is not

  • Singular forms of ليس
  • The subject and predicate of ليس
  • The pronoun Subject
  • The preposition ب
  • The number
  • The plural forms of ليس
  • Negating the perfect with ما
  • verbs similar to كان
  • Grammar ((القواعد
  • Interrogative أ
  • Other verbs similar to كان