Arabic 1


Module Information

Name of ClassArabic
Credit Hours3 Hours Class DescriptionThis course develops reading and writing skills gradually and logically without requiring the learner to memorize all 28 letters of the alphabet, plus their 112 variations before learning to read and write. Instructor NameDr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips Required TextBilal Philips, Arabic Grammar Made Easy


  • To provide students with an opportunity to worship Almighty Allah through studying Arabic
  • Familiarizing the students with letters and sounds of the Arabic Language
  • Introducing the students to the concept of Arabic literacy (Inclusive of writing)

Topics Covered

د ر س ن

Long Vowels

  ا و ي

Short Vowels


ب ت ك م

ف ش خ

Double Consonants : Shaddah

ل و ي أ

Dipthong ‘ay’

Dipthong ‘aw’

Connecting Hamzah

Nunation : Tanween

ز ط ق ع

ح ص ى

Alif Maqsoorah

Sun and Moon Letters

ذ ج ه

Taa Marbootah

ظ ث ض غ

General Review