Fiqh of Purification & Prayer

Module Information

Name of Class Fiqh of Purification & Prayer

Credit Hours

3 Hours

Class Description

This course goes over the basic rulings of purification and prayer along with their proofs, based on a classic Islamic text of Fiqh for beginner students, Umdat al-Fiqh, written by Imam Ibn Qudama, may Allah have mercy on him, along with modern application of these rules.

Instructor Name

Shaikh Ahmad Abdel-Wahab

Required Text

Imam Ibn Qudamah Umdat al-Fiqh, (Chapters on Tahaara and Salaah), translated by Ahmad Abdel-Wahab

Supplementary Text

Dr. Salih Al Fawzan, A Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence


  • To provide students with an opportunity to worship Almighty Allah through studying Fiqh
  • To understand the most important ruling regarding Tahaara and Prayer, such that the student can know what do in any circumstance regarding these two great acts of worship.
  • To be able to answer the questions of Muslims regarding rulings of Purification and Prayer, based on the Fiqh rulings that they have studied.
  • To understand the proofs of the ruling mentioned by the author, and the stronger opinion if it differs, and the process of extracting a ruling from specific proofs. How to approach and deal with difference of opinion amongst the scholars, with moderation and respect.
  • Appreciating and respecting the scholars of Fiqh and their efforts to guide the Ummah upon the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and respecting their opinions and their proofs, even if they disagree with the actual opinion.
  • Building a strong foundation in Fiqh, which the student will build future studies of Fiqh upon.

Topics Covered


  • The science of Fiqh,
  • The proper methodology of studying Fiqh,
  • The etiquettes of a student of knowledge and Fiqh.

Rulings of water, uncertainty, and removal of najaasa

Rulings of containers and vessels, rulings of dead animals

Etiquettes of going to the bathroom


  • Rulings of wudu’ and siwaak
  • Ruling of wiping over the leather socks, other socks, the turban, and the cast
  • The nullifications of Wudu’
  • Rulings of ghusl (Islamic bath)
  • Ruling of Tayammum
  • Rulings on Menstruation
  • Rulings on Post-Partum Bleeding


  • An introduction to Prayer,
  • the importance of prayer,
  • the ruling of the one who abandons the prayer
  • Rules of Adhaan and Iqaama
  • Etiquettes of walking to the masjid, the description of the prayer
  • The pillars and obligations of the prayer
  • Sujood as-Sahw (sujood due to forgetfulness)
  • The voluntary prayers
  • The times in which it is prohibited to pray
  • Rules pertaining to the one leading the prayer and the congregational prayer
  • Rules pertaining to the prayer of the one who is sick
  • Rules pertaining to the prayer of the traveler
  • Rules pertaining to the prayer of fear
  • Rules regarding the Friday sermon and prayer
  • Rules regarding the two Eid prayers, and the sermon
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